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Just a small project...

So, last Friday we completely gutted our hall bathroom. Now comes the process of piecing it back together again.

The last last owners aparently remodeled the bathrooms in 1994 (the house was built in 1958). We discovered this little tidbit of information when we removed the tub. Underneath, sealed in a ziplock bag, was a note and a photograph of the family before us. Hubby has decided we should add in a photo and note of our own for the next family who remodels. :)

So here's the before photos (also posted in Instagram) and I'm a terrible photographers, so bear with me.

Before.jpg .jpg .jpg

Before.jpg .jpg .jpg

Here's what it looks like now:

Phase 1

The tub used to be where the garbage can now sits.

We're hoping to have it mostly finished by the end of this week. Are we delsuional? Probably. I prefer to call it cautiously optimistic. ;)

When everything is finished up, I'll post more photos. Wish us luck!


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